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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The latest

Well, I see Blogger has changed the posting interface. I don't like it.

In any event, I've finished my third round of chemo. They told me the after effects would be cumulative, and they were right. Nausea, vomiting, severe heartburn, sensitivity to cold (holding a cold drink feels like having a fistful of straight pins poking my fingers).

I'm sleeping a lot. Like 36 hours at a stretch. I'm watching a lot of television, which I never used to do. Thank god for PBS.

My blood tests are coming back with extremely good results. One thing I don't have to worry about, at least for the present, is having my immune system compromised. Red and white cell counts are normal.

There's another blood test they do for patients like me. I can't explain exactly how it works, but the first test had results that are very close to normal, ie, what a person with no cancer at all would show.

I have three more chemo sessions, spread out over six weeks. Then a CT scan to see if the stuff is working.

I haven't been drawing, or spending much time at the computer at all. The new Adobe Creative Studio is out. Normally, I would have downloaded that on day one, but I don't have much enthusiasm for it right now. There's a new Wacom tablet out, too, but I can't get worked up about it.

I'm just focused on living one day at a time and trying to make the most of the time when I'm able to be up and around.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Slid update

Hi all

No news on Cameroon in the last three weeks. As far as I can tell he is still with us, but I'm sure is having a tough time and certainly must need his rest. But it is weighing on my mind, as I'm sure it is with many of you.  I am loathe to intrude on his rest and privacy by contacting him more directly than I have at this point, so I'm going to just wait to hear from him.  If I don't hear anything after a few weeks, I'll try to see what I can find out. I simply don't want to pry right now.

Meanwhile I hope to be posting more of his work here again real soon. My schedule has been pretty full and I haven't even been able to look through his files to find something to post, not that it's all that hard of a thing to do.

I expect it will be a month or two before I can get this curating project going in any serious way, but I want to assure you all that it's coming. I have great regard for Cam's work and I am determined to have his work up online and available. I will at least begin posting random pieces here as soon as I can.

Thanks for everyone's patience in this.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Health update

Maybe you've heard about those people who go in for chemotherapy, and the next day they're up and around like nothing happened. I know now that I am not going to be one of those people. It knocked me flat on my ass for about three days, and had me running at about 50% for another three.

Sorry I've run out of Cavegirl Combat episodes. I've been working on the next page, but the going is extremely slow. I don't know when it will be up.

Thanks for your patience and encouragement.

Amber Belly Punches Clone

A fine, unfinished piece from Cam.

I love how relaxed his hand is when he works. Relaxation is critical to producing art that lives and breathes on the page, and Cam succeeds at this brilliantly. This is not, btw, the "How To Draw The Marvel Way" of working. Cam draws freely what's in his head without all the meticulous construction that can kill the life in a drawing and make it look far too fussy. I'm guilty of this. Cam isn't. It takes years of work to trust your hand and mind to this extent, and probably an innate knack too. Also you have to have the information in your head to be able to make your faces look like those of actual people, and you can only get that from a great deal of sketching.

Sorry about missing last week. I was off in advertising land unexpectedly. I'm not taking much work from that field anymore but occasionally it does show up and take over my life. I intend to post here at least once a week in normal circumstances. And I've still to really get my feet wet looking through all his stuff, so look for a lot more from me soon.