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Monday, February 3, 2014

Cam's Archives 001

We have reached the end of Cam's final work. Again, in case you are new to the site, and I'll be putting a permanent post up on the blog page somewhere prominent, Cam passed away summer of 2013. 

My name is Slid (not really, but you can call me that.) and some time before he passed on he asked if I would curate his work on this blog. He wanted me to upload all of his work and make it freely available to everyone. He sent me a hard drive full of his work. I'm not sure that it contains everything he's ever done but it's what he saw fit to give me. Its a big hard drive, so there will be a lot of work eventually put up on this site. 
My plan is to upload about 10 frames of his work each week on the usual post day starting now and continuing until I run out. These are mostly fragments of pages and sketches he's done. As I find stories I will be posting them in order so you can enjoy it as it was written.  If there is a problem, let me know. And yes, I'm making backups, don't worry. I don't fully trust external hard drives. 

I can be reached at