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Friday, June 29, 2012

Another sock fulla sketches!

I love diggin' through someone else's sketchbook! Heeyaw!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another artist found!

Okay, I think I can just stop drawing now. 

Hat tip to Shotgun for finding this artist on deviantART.

Follow this link to his page, and check out the full-size version of this digital art.

As for me, I'm still doing chemo. I just found out last week what chemo costs. Each treatment is about $22,000. I'll say that again, so you'll know it's not a typo: each treatment is about $22,000. And almost all of that is the drugs.

I wish I felt like drawing. Hell, I wish I felt like doing anything.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

OK, Slid has come back now

Sorry about the interruption. That was a month I could have lived without, for sure. But enough of my silliness. As Cam is on the mend I am continuing posting stuff that I feel is interesting at least. Hopefully you all will too.

Here below we have two versions Cam saved as he was working. You'll see the difference between the two is in the lower left panel.

I love looking at other artist's process of working and refining the art and in this one you can see how he progressed from a rough version to a more finished and well lit version that's a huge step forward from the first one. This is the classic painting process on display. The early sketches establish placement, rough proportion and expression. The end product is a corrected, refined version of the early phases that has emerged as the skilled artist works. It's usually full of little surprises for the artist that keep him interested.

The lady in the frame really comes to life as Cam works and this is why I like his work so very much: the living quality of his faces and figures. That's the knack, the talent, if you will, on display here. His work is unique and clearly his. I also love the expression on the woman in the top right frame. Terrific, intuitive work.

I know you guys want to see some more stuff with actual catfighting in it, rather than talking heads. I'll be digging through my treasure trove of his work for some of that next.