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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Working on recovering the lost drive

Hi all.
Debbi Chan (foxyfighter) approached me a few weeks back. She offered to pay for recovery of the disk out of her own pocket and so I got the disk to her so she could take it in to a data recovery company. Well, we figured this would cost a few hundred dollars. It seems we were off just a tad. The quote given to us was for $1800. Per disk. There are two.
Long story short, she's set up for crowd funding on the below link. If you can manage to help, do consider this. I'm sure Debbi can give you details about the problem and the company.
Hope this works.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My last effort has not worked.

The hard drive that has Cam's work on it is still showing zero content when I made my recent attempt to open it up. I'm still not satisfied that it is entirely lost, though. I am still trying to find a solution on my end. More research is in the offing. I'll stay at it as long as it takes.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sorry about the absence, but...(updated)

First of all, in case anyone is new to this site, Camaroon Wildebeest has passed away and Cam in anticipation of his passing, gave me a large hard drive full of Cam's unpublished work for the purpose of posting here. I began to post the work on the site but then the hard drive apparently malfunctioned and I haven't been able to get access to it since. This was about a year ago. There has been a delay of a year since I last posted on this site, or even looked at it. I did not let anyone know what was going on. Many people have expressed their displeasure with me on this blog. This post is to answer them and anyone else who has had questions.

I'm sorry. I have indeed been neglecting the site. Like you, I am human. When I'm having a tough time I pull in like a turtle.  Here is a partial explanation why.

I've been ill a lot in the last year and have family stuff going on, including a death of a close family member and the resultant crazy assed feuding and upset that followed. And to say the least, that's not all that's been going on, but that's all I have to say on it. To put it simply, it's a good thing that the last year of my life is past.

Some of you may not have noticed the earlier post I put up, but the hard drive that Cam sent me currently can't be found by any of my computers when I try to connect to it and is probably dead.

I consider the loss of the drive to be a tragedy!

Nothing I've tried so far has revived it. I have already posted everything I have.  I'll be sure to look at the blog at least once a month from now on in case there are any questions.

I will be attempting to get into the possibly dead hard drive with some software I have, directly. Don't get your hopes up, though. The particular brand of external hard drive Cam sent me (Buffalo) is known for failing. If that is the situation, I will let you know soon.

I'll be keeping this blog up in any case, even if I ultimately stop posting myself.

And Google is not changing their policy on adult content, btw. So no worries there.

 If you have an issue with how long I'm taking in between posts or answering any questions you may have here, PLEASE feel free to email me and let me know.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cam's Archives 013

This finishes out the files I currently have access to. I've gotten some excellent advice on how to try to solve the hard drive issue and will be endeavoring to repair the situation as soon as I can. There may be an interruption of a couple of weeks, mostly because I have finals coming up and will be hard pressed by them until mid May. Middle aged and back in school, yeah. But as soon as I possibly can I'll work to remedy the issues I've been having with the screwy external drive and get back to posting Cam's work. Cross your fingers!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cam's Archives 010

It occurs to me that I've been posting material that has already been posted on this blog. Not some, but all of it. At least I think so.

 Which brings up an issue.

I wrote on an earlier entry that I had backed up Cam's archives on the cloud. Actually, I had just begun the process when I wrote that premature announcement. I began another back up session soon after that blog entry and discovered that the hard drive that contained his archive was not findable on my computer. I tried the other Macs in my house and had the same result. Nothing. I checked RAID and it told me that both discs in the hard drive were present and healthy. I can still open one disc, the one that contained his reference material that he bequeathed to me, but not the one with his artwork. I think the data is still there, at least I'm going on that assumption. The drive doesn't act like there's a problem, after all.

Researching this I may be able to reach the hard drive with some rescue software that is a bit expensive for me right now. As soon as I can manage it, I'll get the software and try to contact the drive. Taking this to a data rescue company is currently out of my reach as well. I'd do it if I could, believe me. I'm terribly upset about this situation.

Until I can get the software I'll keep posting from the file that made it to the cloud, which is the source of my posts for the last two months. It may be that this is where he or I put files that had  been posted on the blog for the sake of keeping track. Hopefully this won't take too long.

If anyone has any experience or expertise with peripheral hard drives, please advise me at If there is shareware worth anything that I might try then let me know.

I ask your patience on this matter.