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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Working on recovering the lost drive

Hi all.
Debbi Chan (foxyfighter) approached me a few weeks back. She offered to pay for recovery of the disk out of her own pocket and so I got the disk to her so she could take it in to a data recovery company. Well, we figured this would cost a few hundred dollars. It seems we were off just a tad. The quote given to us was for $1800. Per disk. There are two.
Long story short, she's set up for crowd funding on the below link. If you can manage to help, do consider this. I'm sure Debbi can give you details about the problem and the company.
Hope this works.

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  1. I expected it would come to this, and I'm more than willing to contribute to retrieving the data from the hard drives. I've committed $25 monthly.

    However, you might consider a more direct "sponsership", with donations of some minimum amount guarenting the sponser will receive all the catfight pics recovered from the hard drive(s). Given the high cost, you might consider only doing this with one disk at a time.

    Good luck


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