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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I think this is the work of artist Vancefalon, another person about whom I know almost nothing, except that he (or she) is author of the Paladin stories released in this country by Superheroine Central. This particular panel seems to be from something other than Paladin, although I can't say what. Maybe one of you can enlighten me.

Vancefalon's theme usually seems to be a heroine menaced and abused by a much larger, hulking opponent. I would say it's more heroine peril fetish than catfight fetish.

In this case, they seem to be more evenly matched. The woman with the eyepatch is still more heavily muscled than I prefer, but I like her fighting tactics.

If I could steal something from Vancefalon, it would be panel composition and inking skill. I don't know if these inks are digital or not (although the colors certainly are), but they are very clean and just the right weight for the drawing style.


  1. This was part of a custom commission for me on my site. Great comic! Still want to write more stories with your art, Cameroon! Email me.

  2. Any chance the comics from said site might still be available?

  3. Thanks Cameroon. Its actually pencil not ink:)



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