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Monday, September 5, 2011

X Club Wrestling

I want to keep this blog mostly focused on the relatively narrow topic of catfight art.

But I have to say something about how much I dig "X Club Wrestling" from Of course, the talent is all gorgeous, which is a big plus. And there are some pretty convincing bumps, which appeal to a guy like me who really likes the fistfight/brawling approach to catfighting.

But these are also folks who know how to use the available technology. It was understandable in the days of film and VHS/Beta that companies would mostly just turn on the camera and let it roll. Editing equipment was expensive and difficult to use. California Wildcats used to go above and beyond in post-production, but they seemed to be the only ones.

But technology has changed that, both in terms of cost and simplicity, and I think 'X Club Wrestling' sets the standard other companies should strive for.

I have some background in video, and I would guess these folks spend more time in front of Final Cut (or whatever they use) than they do actually shooting. That's frequently the way it works, and it's the way it ought to work. The difference shows. The action is tight, and the stories are well-told. These are media- and technology-savvy content creators, and other companies ignore what they're doing at their own peril.


  1. I have to agree, The clips of these videos look as if they spent a lot of time editing. But I'll be the product looks great.

  2. There finished product is quite pleasing to the eye and ear. Highly recommended.


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